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Go to the event's page to check out where I'll be appearing. I'm so excited to be back performing live again, it has been a fairly active summer in 2022. These days I am beginning to prepare for the 2022-23 year at Saint Francis Xavier University where I have been teaching since 2008. This year I will continue to teach jazz composition classes and the jazz guitar studio. It is going to be a full, rewarding and very busy year.

TORONTO: I'll be returning to the big city on October 18th appearing at the Jazz Bistro. I am working on more dates.

All albums are available, you can find them by doing some google searching and you can just get in touch with me through the website and I'll ship!

A follow-up to NSTX is in the planning. Something a little different maybe.

New Article up on Premier Guitar

Hanlon Brother's Quintet: NSTX has dropped








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