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Go to the event's page to check out where I'll be appearing. I'm so excited to be back performing live again.

TORONTO: I'll be returning to the big city on July 10th appearing at the Emmet Ray for the late set. Details are on the event's page.

All albums are available, you can find them by doing some google searching and you can just get in touch with me through the website and I'll ship!

New Article up on Premier Guitar

I wrote an article on Drop 2 voicings that was published this July at Premier Guitar!

Hanlon Brother's Quintet: NSTX has dropped

After a long while, finally, it is time for NSTX, on Armored Records, very excited that this album is going to be available for streaming and purchase at all your usual Suspects. A small number of physical copies will be also available for purchase from CD Baby and if there's ever gigs again, the back of my car. 


Ralph's Piano Waltz at Island Jazz 2017

a fun night in PEI just a week after John passed away, we wanted to play something in his honor.






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